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No os perdáis cómo desde Geonode han enfocado el desarrollo de producto. Las claves del proceso? Metodología de planificación ágil y colaborativa.

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We [free software communities] already have a system much better than elections: you can choose which leader you wish to follow and how much. If you want to be a leader, start leading, and see who wants to help.

Richard Stallman.
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Hace años, cuando fran y yo iniciamos el programa de blogs de ESF (I y II) y empezamos a hablar de software libre en cooperación, recibimos muchos noes. A veces parecíamos marcianos. Hablábamos en otro idioma. Hoy, 5 años después, leer esta entrada y saber cómo el discurso que teníamos es ya propio de ESF, me hace sentir orgulloso. Es como cuando sabes que no haces falta, que todo va bien. Sergio, bienvenido a odiseus!

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Emilia Romagna no sólo es la región de la mejor cocina italiana: Lambrusco, el vinagre de Módena o los quesos Grana-Padano y Parmigiano. También es una de las regiones más ricas de Europa con raíces en un mercado sin capitalistas de fuerte componente cooperativista.

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Hi osgeoers!

That’s my first post going to Planet OSGEO. Just want to say hello people! 🙂

Well, as for someone who is new in the community, I think it feels right to introduce myself. My name is Andrés Maneiro and I work as a GIS programmer for iCarto, a firm specialized in GIS based in A Coruña (see nice pictures here). As a training background I’ve got a Master on Free software at UJRC and a Master on Geographical Information Systems at UdG, one of the members of UNIGIS international network (well, still hard-studying to become an unigis graduate).

My day to day with FOSS4G involves hacking with desktop and web technologies. I am one of the core developers of NavTable (a gvSIG extension which has changed totally how we visualize and manage gis data! :D) and I’m the leader of NavTableForms (a library to easily build your own personalized survey forms for gvSIG). I usually send patches and collaborate with gvSIG development. Lately, I have been involved in projects related to European SDI for spanish administrations using the usual suspects at FOSS4G webstack and poking around the mailinglists and bugtrackers.

My community involvevement ranges from participating in the osgeo local group activities, collaborating with Engineering Withouth Borders (mainly in the past, though) or being part of the GHANDALF founders (a volunteer-based asociation to spread the use and word of free software in my region). Also in my free time, I have led a group of 12 people to translate in a collaborative way a book by Karl Fogel about how to manage free software projects (reflections on that, in spanish: I, II and III) and a study about Free Software GIS communities (article in spanish, slides) collaborating with Cartolab.

Wow, that’s a bit of a context, doesn’t it? 🙂 Well, from time to time, you can expect some post from me going to the planet osgeo (RSS feed of the tag). Some of them will be in english (RSS feed); others in spanish (RSS feed). Osgeoers, keep the conversation going!

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La mudanza también ha afectado al wiki, al que puede accederse ahora mediante la URL Estos días estoy dándole un empujón y publicando definiciones, técnicas y conceptos que manejo habitualmente. Como muestra, 3 conceptos del mundo de desarrollo de software, que me sirven como guía para tomar mis decisiones a la hora de desarrollar: deuda técnica, entropía de código y carga/conectividad.