Parece ser que Mercé Molist está de vuelta. Y comienza publicando la historia del archivo que hackeó a la RSA israelí, el que a la postre, dió a los atacantes acceso a proveedores norteamericanos de defensa. Leyendo esto, uno se da cuenta de que Ghost in the shell ya no es ciencia-ficción futurista. No longer. […]

Lovelace and Babagge VS The economy!

Just found this online-ongoing comic by Sidney Padua created to the Ada Lovelace day in 2009. She depicts a steampunk alternative past where Charles Babagge and Ada Lovelace got to build the difference engine … to fight crime!! LOL. Here the chapters. Don’t miss this one: Lovelace and Babagge VS The economy, where they fight against the economic crisis of […]

«And this is the essential broader point–as a programmer you must have a series of wins, every single day. It is the Deus Ex Machina of hacker success. It is what makes you eager for the next feature, and the next after that. And a large team is poison to small wins. The nature of […]

Analysis of free software communities (III): activity and manpower

Disclaimer – this post is part of a serie: I, II, III (this one), IV and V. Images: on the left, the number of changes to the codebase (commits) agregated by year. On the right, the number of developers with at least 1 commit that year. Data: trunk from project repositories during the period 1999-2010. Is it something we could extrapolate from […]

4 big ideas in sw development according to PragProg

I found interesting this serie of posts titled “4 big ideas in software development” according to Tim Ottinger and Jeff Langr. The serie was published monthly in Pragmatic programmers magazine: Code coupling, or Reducing dependency in your code. Cohesive software design, or Cohesion makes code easier to understand, debug, and test. Abstraction, or How to tell a […]

Analysis of free software communities (II): adoption trends

Disclaimer – this post is part of a serie: I, II (this one), III, IV and V. Find below the statistics for mailinglist activity in GRASS, gvSIG and QGIS during the period 2008-2010. The first one shows data from the general user mailinglists for each project. Take into account that data for gvSIG agregated both international and spanish mailinglist due […]

«Colocar hoy quinientos millones de acciones del Banco de NCG, sin malvender a precio de saldo, no es realista. Es como poner en estos tiempos a la venta un piso y que se sepa que necesitamos el dinero en seis meses. Por eso se habla ya de descuentos por encima del 50 %.» — Albino […]

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