Hi, I’m Andrés – I’m a maker of digital products, mostly by writing open source software with web technologies.

I’ve been working at Automattic since November 2016 as a JavaScript Engineer. From 2011 to 2016, I helped build iCarto, a company focused on creating custom Geographical Information Systems for organizations. Previously, I worked at IGALIA (2008-2010), and CartoLab (2007-2008).

I’ve co-founded the non-profits GHANDALF (2009), Odiseus (2010) & Makers Lugo (2013). My interests are broad: programming, technology, art & design, science (fiction), food, traveling, Aikido, the world we live in. I used to play the trumpet, volunteer at a non-profit for development, and tinker with open-source hardware. I speak Galician, Spanish, English, and survival Portuguese. I live in Lugo, Spain.

The contents of this blog are published under the Public Domain.

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