Turns out algorithms are racists

«Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral.» — Melvin Kranzberg’s six laws of technology One of the things I was very into a decade ago was studying the intertwine between technology, culture, and society. From those years, I developed a sensitivity about my role as an engineer, or as an enabler of […]

In this paper, we make the case that the high-productivity digital firms are starting to generate a new middle class. It’s a virtuous circle. Consumers flock to those firms because they offer lower prices and better service. Workers migrate there from low-productivity firms because the high-productivity firms offer better wages for the same occupations—and, often, […]

La riqueza de las redes

Pablo, Nacho, Dani y algunos otros amigos (sin blog .. todavía) estuvimos ayer en Santiago, en el día del emprendedor organizado por el IGAPE, asistiendo al trac de Software Libre. Javi Vázquez se había encargado de diseñar el recorrido de la jornada, y la verdad, el cartel de ponentes era de lo mejorcito: Juan Freire, […]

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