What if, in 1983, the polish national resistance was slaughtered after a terrorist attack attributed to them? What if, as a consequence, in 2003, Poland would be governed by an authoritarian state, the Iron Cut would be still in place, and Al Gore the president of the United States? That’s the premise of 1983, the […]


To overcome mediocrity, you have to find the right people. People who could actually achieve something through collaboration, who think beyond what they are responsible for on a daily basis. – Dieter Rams In 2016, I was one of the 5.000 backers of Rams, the first feature documentary about Dieter Rams by Gary Huswitt, who […]

The thing that get us to the thing

Past Saturday, AMC aired Halt and Catch Fire season finale. I saw this tv-show grow over 4 seasons and I’m sad it’s over. HACF resonated with me because it was about the pleasure of making things work and the cost of pursuing your dreams. We need a whole lot more stories about the woes and joys of creation to […]

La La Land

Now, this is a musical that I like. Entertaining, moving, and complex. I wouldn’t say musicals are my kind of films. My personal favorite is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, which is typical Burton. I didn’t like Les Misérables and haven’t watched Moulin Rouge. That’s my track record. Yet, this film is energizing, jazz everywhere, a […]

Está siendo un magnífico verano y aunque nos queda un mes completo todavía, ya el ambiente empieza a oler a Otoño. Y a series. El próximo martes 23 se estrena la tercera temporada de Halt and Catch Fire. Dos días después de que acabe, el 21 de Octubre, empieza BlackMirror. Los astros se alinean para […]

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