A more expressive vocabulary for programming

map and friends are more precise, sophisticated ways to talk about consistent patterns in data manipulation. Using them over for is analogous to using the word “cake” instead of “the kind of food that you make by whipping egg whites and maybe adding sugar”. Interestingly, you can eventually add new layers of category on top of established layers: […]

Simple made easy

Precise words make communication more efficient. Arguably, software development is about managing conceptual complexity. Simple made easy, by Rich Hickey is a talk that tackles those two topics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSwPOpOKr3w Two takeaways from this talk: The differences between simple and easy. Simplicity is an objective measure, and its units are the level of interleaving (of concepts). […]

While it might look like an overnight success in hindsight, the story of React is actually a great example of how new ideas often need to go through several rounds of refinement, iteration, and course correction over a long period of time before reaching their full potential. — Our first 50.000 stars.

En la evolución de cómo se hacen aplicaciones web, la mutación principal del ciclo anterior habría sido la separación API/interfaz. En el actual, apostaría que lo fundamental se deriva de que el ecosistema JavaScript (tanto el lenguaje como las librerías a su alrededor) ha interiorizado dos ideas del mundo de la programación funcional: las funciones […]

Jen Simmons, editora del podcast The Web Ahead, presentó en el último AnEventApart una charla sobre la evolución de los layouts para la web y las nuevas posibilidades que existen. Muy recomendable en conjunción con los experimentos y demos que pueden verse en The Layout Ahead.

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