A selection of some of my writings on technology.

Values and references in JavaScript (2017). On how JavaScript operations work with value and reference data types. ~2.500 words, ~15 minutes.

Desarrollo de software en una PYME (2015). Thoughts on software development after 5 years of building products at a consultancy company. ~7.400 words, ~45 minutes.

Analysis of free software communities based on indicators (2011). A paper I wrote to study the differences between major open-source GIS products. ~2.800 words, ~15 minutes.

Traducción de un libro a 12 manos (2011). On my experience leading a team of 12 to translate Producing Open Source Software to the Galician language. ~2.600 words, ~15 minutes.

Márketing y distribución en proyectos de software libre (2009). Observations on what marketing and distribution mean for different open-source projects. ~2.500 words, ~15 minutes.

Gestión de proyectos de software libre (2008). An introductory text to different aspects of open-source (legal, technical, and social) aimed at computer science students that were new to the open-source space. ~10.600 words, ~60 minutes.